Star Tonight Wall Art Canvas – Egypt Pyramid Lightning



It is always a question in my mind as to ‘Why they built the Pyramids?’
And my imagination has came up with so many uses (as below).
Here is my conclusion!!…… The Pyramids are a very intellectual and universal design. That is why the Ancients used to use them…..As they can do everything from ‘Keeping things cool from the Sun’ to ‘Attracting or Detracting Radiation/Electromagnetism.’

Here are some ideas I have come up with for the use of Pyramids:

• Experiments in ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies)
• Refrigeration
• Lightning Conducting – and transportation, preservation and conversion of electricity
• Electrifying water systems to create Colloidal Silver – Commonly consumed by Egyptians for Pineal Enhancement
• Time Warps – Created from controlled explosions or the entrapment of large amounts of energy.
• Amplification
• Coordinates – for assisting Space Travel and 3D Geographics
• Compression Sound Laser – A compressed release of gas from controlled explosion, creating EHF (Extremely High Frequencies)
• Enhanced 3D sound/projections
• Bunker
• Space shuttle launcher / Landing pad
• Base of a Space Elevator
• Venus Energy – Conducting and Converting
• Solar Power Station
• Radiation Reflecting

MANIKIN TIME SHARK – Performing at ‘Dorset Music Awards’

The Opening Heats,
Day 1 – This Sat. 29th Jan (1pm-11pm)
The 2011 Opening Heats – Day 1
Sat 29th Jan
The Spyre, The Triangle
1pm – 11pm

You are invited to support our band ‘Manikin Time Shark (AKA – Blacksnow),’ at this years ‘Dorset Music Awards,’ competition.


Over 2 days 40 bands will play 2 songs each.

Click here for more details (including line up)

Our band ‘Manikin Time Shark’ – Will be on at 5.30pm (Straight after interval), but we’re only on for 10 mins, so make sure you don’t miss us.

We are in need of all the support we can get, to make it through to the ext round, so please bring all your friends and punters (Wacky Fancy dress! – as our image has an impact, and we shall be doing video of performance).

I hope that you can all make it. It would be great to see you there ‘Manikin Sharkoids!’ xxxx




BLACKSNOW (Instrumental Dance band featuring SPACE ACE ROBOT –vocals)


ABENG – African drumming for children (Workshops and performance)

URBAN CUTS (Barber shop)

VITANOVA (Drama group)


PLACE – BOURNESPRING CENTRE – St Marys Rd, Springbourne

DATE – Saturday 31/10/09


  • Lights/Sound – MAGIC CLOUD (With DAVE MEYERS on animated projections and NAITHEN ANTHONY on sound)
  • Children’s games and bouncy castle
  • Traditional African COOKING
  • Educational Dub Workshops (In the studio)



Event managed by NIASHA (From BOURNESPRING Centre) In conjunction with DORSET AFRO CARIBBEAN ASSOCIATION and MAFARO PROMOTIONS. An all day educational event in conjunction with local AFRICAN and CARIBBEAN societies. The food was fantastic – traditional African recipes. The DJ on after the bands was played some very interesting African dance tunes. Not often heard in this part of the country.  There were children dancing on stage, and some of the best live Dub grooves performed by THE DUB EDUCATORS, who were pumping with energy with a funky beat tempo. Closely relative to that of local dub bands such as DUBHEART but with a more electrical fuse.  Also performing were BLACKSNOW (Instrumental dance band  – featuring SPACE ACE ROBOT on vocals with animated projections in the background. There were a lot of Africans – A great audience!.