The Unknown – Damian Maguire (Film Script – In Progress)







PART 1 (Early 20th Century)


Antony is a successful British Film Maker, Investor and Scientist. He is part of the Yale Society. A secret historical society who invest in hidden treasures and archaeological sites in various protected parts of the world, including Megiddo (Armageddon – In Israel), where there is an excavation of 10, 000 years of undiscovered history.


One day, Bugsy (Mr Little’s side kick) turns up with his gang, and creates a racket, blackmailing Antony into submitting some of his shares.  Meanwhile, Mr Little (Mafia Boss) invites investors to his Casino in London, and encourages them to invest in Black Market trafficking of recently discovered treasures (Discovered by developers planning the Underground).


Ancient technology is found on Islands off the West Coast of Scotland, which Yule Society member believe to be a possible location for the Capital of Atlantis (Once a giant hole created by a huge meteorite which is now an area with magnetic fields creating Aurora). Beneath the Atlantic Ocean in this area, is an under water City and many ancient designs are being found along the coast, which were previously transported from there by Pirates.


Golden Panels (Used for the Pyramids to convert them into Solar Plants) are discovered by the Yule Society, beneath the Rosslyn Chapel. Revealing that ancient Egyptians had advanced technology, that was once discovered by the Knights Templar. As more discoveries are revealed, mysterious things begin to happen to Antony’s fellow Yule Society members.


In 1913,  American investors in Jeckl Island club pass the Federal Reserve Act, and the first Balkan War breaks out. German Investors (Including Mr 10%) predict market chaos, and the collapse of the German Monarchy. Protests brake out in Germany, as the public declare a need for more independence from the American Banking System. Mr 10% (A German Investor) is warned that he and his family might be in danger, so he employs support from an Army General (Lion), who eventually becomes appointed as a Secret Intelligence Officer to protect German assets from British Invasion.


Antony and the Yule Society, predict that Britain will soon end up going to war and decide that they can no longer play a part in this economic monopoly. So they plan for their escape from England and for their treasures to be secretly transported via the underground mining tunnels. With the help of security general (Ace) (An X army colleague), they fake their deaths by boarding on a train that is supposedly crashes.



PART 2 – World War 1


Under threat of social/economic collapse the German Investors, under secret approval of the German Empire arrange to build a secure passages through Belgium and Switzerland in order to transport their newly discovered ancient artefacts/treasures.


The 1st World war begins and but this ends in the Christmas Truce and both sides stop firing. (as promised by their governments that the war would end by Christmas 1914). Officers from both sides discover that they not only speak each others languages but that they also have familiarities (Even their Family Trees). Lion (A German Soldier), is able to speak English, and begins to trade and make friends with the opposition.


However, Mr 10% and other investors from his society use their political status to helps assist the German Empire’s campaign to keep fighting across the boarders of Northern France. “Stand By” troops are stationed along the border and through Belgium/Luxemburg to protect the transportation of secret treasures.


German Army Officers begin shooting defenceless officers playing in “No-Mans Land, and Storm Troopers (disguised as German Soldiers) are employed to randomly attack and capture anything that moves. Now defenceless, officers from both sides must hide. Lion, unable to move, is hidden in the opposition territories. Disguised as a dead English officer, he makes his escape from the German Army.


Once Germany finally surrenders, The Versailles Treaty is signed, and the German people are now in a long lasting poverty, at the feet of the Western Economy. Lion (now believed to have died during the war) decides to join the English Intelligence, and adopts a position to spy on the new German Government (now under President Hindenburg and no longer under the German Monarchy)



PART 2 – Early 1930’S


In the early 1930’s, the Black Friday crash of 1929 has happened, and the German Economy is on it’s last legs. Mr 10% and his society of investors discover long pre-historic/underground roads in Germany through the development of coal mines, and they decide to invest in their conversion into tunnels for shipping artefacts through Europe. Miners make their way through muck, insects and rodents to eventually to discover a giant underground Crystal Dome. After careful investigation, Historians gather evidence to conclude that base was to of assisted the ancients with Astral Projection.


Antony, who is now based in Washington DC, along with his apprentice Ace (A Secret Agent) is involved with organising the transport of many newly discovered valuable artefacts. As excavations in Armageddon continue, religious and historic artefacts are discovered (Including a plaque of a man attached to a Brain Machine, and some Crystal sculptures that are believed to be technological designs). They also find a Spherical calendar (with Egyptian Zodiac Time Calculations, based on the numerical calculations of and Star Signs: 666 – 60mins, 60 hours, 60 days, 60years). This predicts all events in the Zodiac calendar from 8,000 BC onwards – Turning of the last Zodiac Cycle) They are being transported to The Crystal Museum in London for display and observation.


However, Mr Little is informed about this and decides to raid this museum and burn it down. The Press are informed, and The Yale Society are approached by members of the public, including a Freemason official, who offers Antony to affiliate with the Freemasons in exchange for secret burial of artefacts


PART 2 (World War 2):


It is the rise of the Nazi party and the Freemasons (Keepers of the Ancient Hebrew – “Kaballah” scientific/ religious secrets), are in extreme danger. The Nazi’s are imprisoning and interrogating them, in order that they gain unlimited access to secret scientific discoveries and artefacts (Including Tesla’s laboratories, and the amazing Death Ray – Laser Gun). Mr 10% and his society take pity on these Freemason members and help them by bribing the Nazi officers and setting up fake Holocausts in order they can escape. However, David (Head of British Intelligence) is convinced by the media coverage of these Holocausts and persuades American Intelligence Director Robert Smith into a rescue mission.


The Arian Race (Super Humans from The Arian Race – Descended from Aliens and protected by the Nazi’s) have gained control of the German media, and this helps prompt the start of the WW2. Hitler has now completely lost control of his new Government. He enters into dispute with Goebells (his propaganda officer ) and as war breaks out, Hitler’s girlfriend is mysteriously shot in the head, and he becomes mentally ill in hospital.


An occultist (known as the “Crow”), disguises himself as Hitler and begins to represent the Nazi’s through propaganda. Odin (Arian Leader) and his society of religious leaders,  Hypnotise the real Hitler, and the Nazi government is under full control of the Arian Race of Super Humans, who have developed technology such as the “Death Ray” Laser and Flying Saucers.


The Mafia Cartel (Under Mr Little) have gained power through investments into their newly discovered artefacts and scientific research. They organise the interrogation of the Jewish societies by employing terrorists (Disguised as SA officers) to capture/invade the Jewish markets/shops in order to discover and protect further artefacts and excavation areas in Europe.


Nazi UFO bases are discovered by Western Intelligence, in the North and South Poles, and there are new designs being developed that can fly across the ice between Russia and Alaska. The Nazi’s underground bunker is constructed in Berlin and is developed as an Underground Base for securing them in case of attack. Ace (A British Spy) is recruited to rescue the real Hitler (now trapped in the Nazi bunker), by flying there in a newly developed Space Shuttle.


PART 3 – 1960’s


Casinos in LA are under the control of the Little Man, who is now working as an informer for American Intelligence. Dr Brown (A Chemist working for Intelligence), arranges assassinations by starting a secret program of hypnotising prisoners who are then converted into assassins, triggered by messages through the media. Nicky (A Child Psychic – Son of a missing Intelligence Agent and from a long family generation of Ancient Monarchy – succeeded from an Alien Race)  is adopted by Robert Smith (American Intelligence Director) and trained to use his Psychic/Super Intellectual abilities to the full extent.


The Anti-Communist Revolution is developing and the Mr Little employs his cartel leaders (disguised as intelligence agents and celebrities) to begin interrogating students and drug users to gain information about underground Left Wing societies. However, the 60s Peace movement is becoming growingly more popular and the protests/ bands and culture help develop the revolution that brings a gradual end to the old western, bartered system of war and capitalistic idealism .


Adam (an young Occultist) who becomes under Possessive Entrapment after his Dark Rituals. Him and his band start a Cult scene through the media, and move to a house in Amityville on Long Island (The Devils Humble Abode), where they begin doing human sacrifices, and dealing in the darkest ancient treasures.


The Neo-Nazi’s form scientific laboratories, doing experiments involving genetically modified animals (such as Sand Crabs, Star Fish and Super Fast growing Worms). Project Moon Base, involves the transportation of these genetic creatures to a Moon Base, in order that they can survive and create an atmosphere on the Moon. Project Star Gaze (involving GI investigation into the Pyramids and Aliens) is formed, and a GI department of Psychic Agents is formed. It is discovered that the Pyramids can be used as Receivers of EHF (Extremely High Frequencies), from Venus, and that this can be a vehicle for communication with aliens from Phaethon (The Earths Twin from the Alpha Centura – Closet Galaxy to the Milkyway)


PART 4 – 1990’s


Celebrities have to escape their fame, as there have been terrorist threats. Black (A Celebrity) is in Re-Hab, and is convinced by Peter (Intelligence Agent) to become an informer about the underground crime scene. After a while, he finds out that Peter was an X-Mafia Boss, and that he still has a reputation for prostitution and violence. He tries to escape his role as an informer, but is spiked with LSD at a party one night, by Dr Brown (Chemist / Agent) who then arranges to have Black assassinated.


Dr Brown now continues to develop his Intelligence program, into the powers of Hypnotic drugs – Creating assassins who can then work for him and Peter under their Secret Intelligence program. This program also involves the kidnapping of Super-Intelligent children who can be used as Psychic agents. Nicky (Psychic – Now an older man and important agent) has the power to control Intelligence Operations through a Brain Machine.



PART 5 – 2050 AD


More Pyramids are constructed by Intelligence, and used as bases/power plants in order to protect the government and elite from raids.  These Pyramids are also used to amplify planetary waves from Venues and other planets, through sounds that can be heard throughout the desert. ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies) are also used by Intelligence to control publics thinking. Super-Radiation frequencies are transmitted via the Aurora, to enable telepathic thoughts between psychic agents and the public media throughout the world. A Wave Clock is created out of Pentagonal Conjunction sequence pattern between the Earth’s Pyramids and the Pentagonal movement of Venus, around the world, in order to enable this communication.


Moon and Space bases are set up with Escalators stretching from the highest mountains. People can also travel by floating from their Spaceships onto Landing Pads using protective Cylinders/Clothing. Long Roads are created for Super Fast – Elasticised vehicles that slide on ice and deep holes are used for transporting vehicles by dropping them and their gravitational force.


Underground Nuclear explosions creating Earthquakes, begin creating environmental chaos, and Weather Controlling Plants are used to prevent flooding, and heat waves. Nibiru (An old planet that enters our orbit every 30,000 years) is headed towards Earth, and Robert (Intelligence Director) is responsible for protecting the Earth by hitting the meteorite with Nuclear Missiles, knocking it out of orbit and creating chaos in the Solar System. Only the GI, Government and the Elite, have the opportunity to Freeze themselves and board a UFO, that will reach Phaethon (Earth’twin planet in Alpha Centura – Galaxy nearest to ours)  10, 000 Years from now. Alien Abductions are forged in order to abduct these celebrities in UFO’s for their own protection. Before leaving, Robert creates frozen clones of himself and other agents/elites (Including Nicky)


PART 6 – 100,000AD


100, 000 years later…Humans have settled on Phaethon, and are able to communicate with Earth. Gods from Venus and other planets program, dominate the Earth and create cities, similar to that of Atlantis. They program and code human and animal DNA, to create a master race of more powerful beings in their image.

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