The Clown


(Film Script – By Damian Maguire 2015 – 2018)




It is the 18th Century and Monty is a member of a very accomplished investment family living in London. A Jester appears at a party one night that turns into a drunken party. The Jester then plays a Magic Trick on Monty (Master of the Manor) and by steeling his keys, he gains access to the manor.


Strange occurrences begin in the manor, leading Monty into believing that it is Haunted. Following this, a continuing system of harassment leads Monty into a state of Nervous Paranoia, leaving him vulnerable to bribery and manipulation.


The Jester  begins manipulating Monty by Blackmailing him, and harassing his family.  As he gains further manipulation over Monty’s financial status, he is also able to manipulate his Political status, making further stupidity out of him in the public’s domain.


This Jester is a member of a high crime family and subculture known as ‘The Circus,’ who make enormous amounts of money, through Rackets (Including conducting Magic and Hypnosis).


As a consequence, Monty’s whole city plunges into Economic chaos, and all the peasants are starved. In the end Monty decides that he can no longer continue with the situation, and eventually he decides to plot his vengeance. However, as he begins his research he meets an informer…A stranger that informs him of the Jesters real identity, and background. As they continue their research together, asking questions from the local civilians, they eventually find out that every Financial and Political institute in the area is manipulated by an albino race with primitive tribes, led by a powerful family tree of powerful Kings that date back to the Medieval ages, with their original leader, Nicholas who was based at the North Pole. (The word “Clown”, meaning “Crown”)

Now their whole town is under the power of ‘The Circus.’  Rumours are spreading, and Monty and his apprentice track the Clowns to their nearby base, where people who are poisoned by Candy Floss are kept. However, the Clowns are psychic, so they begin harassing their enemies by sending them explosive gifts They also manage to kidnap Monty’s aquatint whilst disguised at a circus performance. Under hypnosis, Monty’s aquatint is converted into an secret assassin, assigned to murder anyone who turns out to be plotting against The Circus.

The army respond by helping Monty to track and defeat The Clowns. In order to defeat The Clown’s they have to track their leader “Bloody King Nicholas”, who is based at their rich palace in Russia, where vast amounts of their Secret Treasures and ancient findings are hidden, and distributed using UFO’s via their North Pole base in Alaska. However, Nicholas has special Psychic powers, and a Crystal Ball to help him predict their every movement. Nicholas then sends The Clowns and the Dwarfs in UFO’s (That ski across the ice), and the British and European armies are easily defeated. Meanwhile The Clowns are still busy joking between themselves in the Houses of Parliament.

Joker, a Clown leader is now elected as MP. He publishes his plans for total control over the city, and that their Race will eventually have control over the whole country. Their extreme policies of ridiculousness, support that of their evil activities and will result in the starvation of those in poverty.


100 Years later…The whole world is under the control of The Clowns. Everywhere people go there are Silly/Strange activities/facilities, and out of the public’s eye, millions of people are captivated, and used as Circus entertainment.    The news and media, no longer have any content of seriousness, and there is little coverage of the strange disappearances of children abducted by Clowns in Ice Cream vans, issuing poisonous Ice Creams to the locals.

Christmas has become the time of celebration for CWO (The Clown World Order), and  strange/dangerous presents are distributed to every family from their North Pole base in Alaska. Children have become addicted to the poisonous Candy Floss, and gradually they all become evil Clowns.


To be continued………………………

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