Star Tonight Wall Art Canvas – Egypt Pyramid Lightning



It is always a question in my mind as to ‘Why they built the Pyramids?’
And my imagination has came up with so many uses (as below).
Here is my conclusion!!…… The Pyramids are a very intellectual and universal design. That is why the Ancients used to use them…..As they can do everything from ‘Keeping things cool from the Sun’ to ‘Attracting or Detracting Radiation/Electromagnetism.’

Here are some ideas I have come up with for the use of Pyramids:

• Experiments in ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies)
• Refrigeration
• Lightning Conducting – and transportation, preservation and conversion of electricity
• Electrifying water systems to create Colloidal Silver – Commonly consumed by Egyptians for Pineal Enhancement
• Time Warps – Created from controlled explosions or the entrapment of large amounts of energy.
• Amplification
• Coordinates – for assisting Space Travel and 3D Geographics
• Compression Sound Laser – A compressed release of gas from controlled explosion, creating EHF (Extremely High Frequencies)
• Enhanced 3D sound/projections
• Bunker
• Space shuttle launcher / Landing pad
• Base of a Space Elevator
• Venus Energy – Conducting and Converting
• Solar Power Station
• Radiation Reflecting

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