Vortex 3 – Damian Maguire (Work In Progress)

VORTEX 3 – Film Synopsis

It is the year 2060, and the world is run by technology on a virtual plane. FRED (A.K.A Krypton) Is an undercover agent / top secret scientist from the X-Lab. With his android replica in virtual form and his wife CELESTIAL who also has an android replica.

Now the world is controlled by a relative converter, which FRED invented but is now owned by the top secret American government (ASA).

KRYPTON’s invention (which was originally discovered through decoded messages sent from the future) , is now the dominating force of society which will lead him and his girlfriend into an adventure of a lifetime. Whilst using their ultra-intelligence combined with their technological support, their mission is to win back control of the converter and to protect the human race.

ZYBORG (Fred’s arch rival and fake) Has taken over the world using FRED’S identity and has set obstacles and mind bending riddles for the couple to overcome. Beyond the confusion becomes in-depth sanity and joy for the generation who have been liberated from the converter.


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