Virtual Theatre – Damian Maguire (Work In Progress)


David has a dream about the future (UFO’s / Virtual Reality), and wakes up with a vision of Crop Circles in his mind. He then draws diagrams of these visions, that lead him to the design of a Virtual Reality zone (with Time Controls).

Later in life, himself and a group of students are doing a Virtual Reality experiment, out of hours in a secret location. But this however, goes extremely wrong and ‘David, ends up in a permanent state of shock. However, his brain is gradually healed through ongoing treatment.

As years go by, ‘David, becomes a university lecturer, and it is there that he meets his friends who go into work together on a business venture selling and inventing ‘Virtual Reality, products. They each have ‘Avatars, that they use for Betting, Financial Investment, and Economic processes. The whole world, is obsessed with ‘Virtual Reality also.

Throughout his life ‘David, has flashbacks of when he was a boy, and his classroom mates would take the micky out of him for being a ‘Brain-lack. However, David has grown up to become a top science student, and him and his friends at University have fun getting into a lot of trouble, going to parties, chatting up girls, etc. However, when it comes down to it, the heart of their studies, is the invention of a ‘Virtual Reality, time phase operator, that has the ability to plot coordinates, and control time phasing throughout the path of their lives.

David is bribed by a Top Secret science facilitator, to sell their design to a top science research facility, and a Virtual Reality centre is constructed at a public facility near by. David and his friends are made very rich, and their multi-billion pounds project that will eventually turn each of their lives into their tailored perfection.

‘David, and his friends enters the Virtual Theatre, that is inside a huge sphere. All the rooms, mirrors and screens in the building are controlled in conjunction with the coordinates plotted on their adventure game, and every room enters them into a different time portal within virtual reality. Time maps are plotted in coordination with events/distance, and infinite decision trees are featured to help them in their adventure quest.

They have to stay in there for 1 year, but within that year they have full controls, and vision over what will happen to them. Their ‘Avatars, are designed to project and plan processes such as the economy, and their financial ventures, through super-efficient measures and probability to predict the outcomes. Each have a robotic assistant who guards them in case of any hazards or viruses.

The team get out after a year, and they are well rewarded. However, Dr ‘Andrew’s wants to develop this project further by connecting the Virtual Theatre to Reality, so that each individual can choose their ultimate Reality. This time, they decide to sign to the project for 10 years.

David decides to work for the Government, and a perfect life is arranged for him including the regular parties/events that he attends, and he can repeat or adjust these moments as he wishes. But things get out of hand, when they notice they have become trapped in the game, and they are unable to separate illusions from reality.

David’ meets the girl of his dreams, inside the virtual centre, as she is a virtual ‘Freak’ who knows all the controls, and how to get them out alive. Eventually they find a way out of the game by letting go of all the pleasures it serves, to keep them attached.

However, In the end it turns out that ‘David, did not really make it out of the ‘Virtual, state that he was left in since the experiment that went wrong at the start of the film. He has been living in ‘Virtual Reality, the whole time, and the whole history of the world as they know it turns out to be completely fictional.


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