Daimons Forever (Pt 1&2) – Damian Maguire (Work In Progress)

DAIMONS FOREVER (Pt 1&2) – Film Synopsis

A scientist (David) studies the ‘Birth of Science, with Greek Philosophers, such as ‘Plato, who believed in the ‘Ether (The universe)One day discovers that the 5th Dimension, can be transmitted through electromagnetic fields that are phased and projected using, Diamonds. He then invents a device that can conduct these super-particles from the energy generated by the galaxy. This energy is from sub-atomic particles that can transmit through the 6th sense from the past into the future. Only a psychic (that David turns out to be) can understand these waves and therefore he can communicate into the past with himself and other galaxies.

He starts by building a basic design. This design flashes lights in repetition projecting patterns/images in sequence, and then these patterns are manipulated by laser light energies, that warp time through a series of Crystals and Heat energy.

He then invents robotic devices (Known as ‘Daimons’) that conduct, phase and project this energy through their ‘Golden vanes, kept charged by heat and light. Each of these robots are built with Golden Shells to reflect external radiation and they each have specific functions. He builds them surroundings to help them build and make things. Some can speak, play music, project images, etc. However, their brains (powered from charged ‘Diamonds) are, programmed to random signals – from the ‘Cosmic energy, and this energy can only be transmitted through the 6th sense.

The Daimons are set free in their surroundings, and they build their own mini city. Some of them speak, but their words are only symbolic of a language that most people can’t understand. However, one day, ‘David, finds himself able to understand a few words, and from then onwards, he trains the robots to talk with him.

Eventually the Daimons build a whole city. They also build themselves a Robot Man. David calls this an A-man. The civilisation of Robot’s elect themselves a Queen. This is a Robot-Cat called Chloe. They a build statue of her, and she encourages her new civilisation to communicate with the next world, and the Extra-Terrestrials from Venus and Mars. Although these can not be seen by most humans, David is able to connect with their Spiritual energies through meditation.

Eventually, scientists offer to invest in David’s new project, and begin to enlarge this project by providing resources so that the Daimon’s can build themselves a whole life size city. The firm wishes to convert the project into a museum, however, David is unwilling to compromise the freedom of this new civilisation. So David warns their Queen (Chloe), that the firm will enforce these developments unless they are well protected. So the Daimons build their new civilisation underground, and elect David as their new King.However, their main source is sunlight and this begins to become scarce.

Eventually, the firm decide that their new kingdom is a hazard and give the government permission to destroy the Daimons’ new kingdom. However, their kingdom has too much defence, and even the bombers have problems trying to destroy it. So, together with their great Queen Chloe, the Daimon’s decide to summon help from their extra-terrestrial partners from Venus, and Mars, who then help them by activating their new technologies. However, their technology is not enough for their defence, so the Daimons evacuate to Venus, using the Arks to move their belongings.

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