Circle In Square – Damian Maguire (Work In Progress)

CIRCLE IN SQUARE (By Damian Maguire 2010+)


Historians find out that Egypt was pre-occupied by a pre-historic civilisation that have sequenced events since 4000 BC, including the sound bombs designed to go off in the pyramids, releasing aliens from the underworld. The pyramids are also part of giant clock that the world has been converted into for extraterrestrial beings. In the centre of this is a volcano where a ‘Space Escalator’ was once placed in order to allow lifts to a Space Base placed at the top of the Earths atmosphere .

Underground secret societies of famous politicians are now gathered in secret labs within the Volcano (some of them even having survived the assassination of their decoys). All are secret government agents, working on the side of a GI (Global Intelligence ) who hold incredible top secrets to do with Ancient religions, UFO’s, Alien Cloning, and Psychic perception. However, to hold their secret, they must vow to silence, and use decoys. These decoys sometimes turn out to be spies working for the opposition, and by doing this they can become extremely powerful . The most powerful decoy is Lou (head of the religious state) who later turns out to be ‘David’s brother in disguise, and their family tree is related back to the first human clone in Egypt. David’s father, also turns out to be a man/machine (head of Global Intelligence)

By this time the human race has developed the so that every city is controlled by a virtual reality time phase controller, that has multi-media features, and the ability to predict outcomes. The 3 friends enjoy their life of virtual reality so that they can control future/past events, and hop through time holes, entering different realities.
However, the 3 friends get stuck inside virtual reality, and remain in a continuing time loop. Meanwhile, Britain enters into world war 3, and the 3 friends our left to control the war from inside the virtual plane. Using it’s several features to create time illusions, and shifting patterns, to prevent further decline.

CIS Controls
Reversed loops – A pattern is at first shifted forward/backwards a sec/hour (Like a breakbeat pattern played on the drums), and then this pattern can be reversed in order to sync it in with the other events.
Time shift– Whether your watching a movie, playing a game, or in a quest, you are able to shift to any future/past moment within that virtual plane.
Phase illusions – When a pattern is shifted forwards/backwards by secs/hours in order to create the illusion of a different time period.
Probability estimation – in the virtual future is dependent on various factors entering the virtual plane (I.e, other people, developments). The environment surrounding the virtual plane also has an impact, although only very small (kept as small as possible) keeping the probability of an external event as low as possible.
Repetition – Repetitive patterns can be used in order to dictate future events. These can then gradually be adjusted as you go along. This feature can also be used to help memorize info.
Reset – Participants can reset events
Nodes – To indicate when large events take place (Start/Finish) (Times are predicted in between these events, based on observation)
Time/Distance – Distance is plotted against time for measuring outcomes.

Finally they escape, only to find that the damages are beyond repair. However, a UFO from the ‘New World Order’ lands and takes them away to a secret base for human preservation. They are chosen to become their new leaders, and are trained in the arts of virtual reality time travel.

As the Pyramids activate , the great cities crumble., and they are the only group of survivors. The friction causes the buried technology and lifeforms (part man/part alien/part animal – preserved underneath the earth), to come up and a new civilization is built based on these discoveries. Eventually they find clues to make them realize that everything has happened before, and that this is all a big time loop, which makes them discover the ultimate clue behind the CIS…..That the Reality of Virtual Reality, is that Reality is Virtual…..

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