Circle In Square – Damian Maguire (Work In Progress)

CIRCLE IN SQUARE (By Damian Maguire 2010+)


Historians find out that Egypt was pre-occupied by a pre-historic civilisation that have sequenced events since 4000 BC, including the sound bombs designed to go off in the pyramids, releasing aliens from the underworld. The pyramids are also part of giant clock that the world has been converted into for extraterrestrial beings. In the centre of this is a volcano where a ‘Space Escalator’ was once placed in order to allow lifts to a Space Base placed at the top of the Earths atmosphere .

Underground secret societies of famous politicians are now gathered in secret labs within the Volcano (some of them even having survived the assassination of their decoys). All are secret government agents, working on the side of a GI (Global Intelligence ) who hold incredible top secrets to do with Ancient religions, UFO’s, Alien Cloning, and Psychic perception. However, to hold their secret, they must vow to silence, and use decoys. These decoys sometimes turn out to be spies working for the opposition, and by doing this they can become extremely powerful . The most powerful decoy is Lou (head of the religious state) who later turns out to be ‘David’s brother in disguise, and their family tree is related back to the first human clone in Egypt. David’s father, also turns out to be a man/machine (head of Global Intelligence)

By this time the human race has developed the so that every city is controlled by a virtual reality time phase controller, that has multi-media features, and the ability to predict outcomes. The 3 friends enjoy their life of virtual reality so that they can control future/past events, and hop through time holes, entering different realities.
However, the 3 friends get stuck inside virtual reality, and remain in a continuing time loop. Meanwhile, Britain enters into world war 3, and the 3 friends our left to control the war from inside the virtual plane. Using it’s several features to create time illusions, and shifting patterns, to prevent further decline.

CIS Controls
Reversed loops – A pattern is at first shifted forward/backwards a sec/hour (Like a breakbeat pattern played on the drums), and then this pattern can be reversed in order to sync it in with the other events.
Time shift– Whether your watching a movie, playing a game, or in a quest, you are able to shift to any future/past moment within that virtual plane.
Phase illusions – When a pattern is shifted forwards/backwards by secs/hours in order to create the illusion of a different time period.
Probability estimation – in the virtual future is dependent on various factors entering the virtual plane (I.e, other people, developments). The environment surrounding the virtual plane also has an impact, although only very small (kept as small as possible) keeping the probability of an external event as low as possible.
Repetition – Repetitive patterns can be used in order to dictate future events. These can then gradually be adjusted as you go along. This feature can also be used to help memorize info.
Reset – Participants can reset events
Nodes – To indicate when large events take place (Start/Finish) (Times are predicted in between these events, based on observation)
Time/Distance – Distance is plotted against time for measuring outcomes.

Finally they escape, only to find that the damages are beyond repair. However, a UFO from the ‘New World Order’ lands and takes them away to a secret base for human preservation. They are chosen to become their new leaders, and are trained in the arts of virtual reality time travel.

As the Pyramids activate , the great cities crumble., and they are the only group of survivors. The friction causes the buried technology and lifeforms (part man/part alien/part animal – preserved underneath the earth), to come up and a new civilization is built based on these discoveries. Eventually they find clues to make them realize that everything has happened before, and that this is all a big time loop, which makes them discover the ultimate clue behind the CIS…..That the Reality of Virtual Reality, is that Reality is Virtual…..

Daimons Forever (Pt 1&2) – Damian Maguire (Work In Progress)

DAIMONS FOREVER (Pt 1&2) – Film Synopsis

A scientist (David) studies the ‘Birth of Science, with Greek Philosophers, such as ‘Plato, who believed in the ‘Ether (The universe)One day discovers that the 5th Dimension, can be transmitted through electromagnetic fields that are phased and projected using, Diamonds. He then invents a device that can conduct these super-particles from the energy generated by the galaxy. This energy is from sub-atomic particles that can transmit through the 6th sense from the past into the future. Only a psychic (that David turns out to be) can understand these waves and therefore he can communicate into the past with himself and other galaxies.

He starts by building a basic design. This design flashes lights in repetition projecting patterns/images in sequence, and then these patterns are manipulated by laser light energies, that warp time through a series of Crystals and Heat energy.

He then invents robotic devices (Known as ‘Daimons’) that conduct, phase and project this energy through their ‘Golden vanes, kept charged by heat and light. Each of these robots are built with Golden Shells to reflect external radiation and they each have specific functions. He builds them surroundings to help them build and make things. Some can speak, play music, project images, etc. However, their brains (powered from charged ‘Diamonds) are, programmed to random signals – from the ‘Cosmic energy, and this energy can only be transmitted through the 6th sense.

The Daimons are set free in their surroundings, and they build their own mini city. Some of them speak, but their words are only symbolic of a language that most people can’t understand. However, one day, ‘David, finds himself able to understand a few words, and from then onwards, he trains the robots to talk with him.

Eventually the Daimons build a whole city. They also build themselves a Robot Man. David calls this an A-man. The civilisation of Robot’s elect themselves a Queen. This is a Robot-Cat called Chloe. They a build statue of her, and she encourages her new civilisation to communicate with the next world, and the Extra-Terrestrials from Venus and Mars. Although these can not be seen by most humans, David is able to connect with their Spiritual energies through meditation.

Eventually, scientists offer to invest in David’s new project, and begin to enlarge this project by providing resources so that the Daimon’s can build themselves a whole life size city. The firm wishes to convert the project into a museum, however, David is unwilling to compromise the freedom of this new civilisation. So David warns their Queen (Chloe), that the firm will enforce these developments unless they are well protected. So the Daimons build their new civilisation underground, and elect David as their new King.However, their main source is sunlight and this begins to become scarce.

Eventually, the firm decide that their new kingdom is a hazard and give the government permission to destroy the Daimons’ new kingdom. However, their kingdom has too much defence, and even the bombers have problems trying to destroy it. So, together with their great Queen Chloe, the Daimon’s decide to summon help from their extra-terrestrial partners from Venus, and Mars, who then help them by activating their new technologies. However, their technology is not enough for their defence, so the Daimons evacuate to Venus, using the Arks to move their belongings.

Virtual Theatre – Damian Maguire (Work In Progress)


David has a dream about the future (UFO’s / Virtual Reality), and wakes up with a vision of Crop Circles in his mind. He then draws diagrams of these visions, that lead him to the design of a Virtual Reality zone (with Time Controls).

Later in life, himself and a group of students are doing a Virtual Reality experiment, out of hours in a secret location. But this however, goes extremely wrong and ‘David, ends up in a permanent state of shock. However, his brain is gradually healed through ongoing treatment.

As years go by, ‘David, becomes a university lecturer, and it is there that he meets his friends who go into work together on a business venture selling and inventing ‘Virtual Reality, products. They each have ‘Avatars, that they use for Betting, Financial Investment, and Economic processes. The whole world, is obsessed with ‘Virtual Reality also.

Throughout his life ‘David, has flashbacks of when he was a boy, and his classroom mates would take the micky out of him for being a ‘Brain-lack. However, David has grown up to become a top science student, and him and his friends at University have fun getting into a lot of trouble, going to parties, chatting up girls, etc. However, when it comes down to it, the heart of their studies, is the invention of a ‘Virtual Reality, time phase operator, that has the ability to plot coordinates, and control time phasing throughout the path of their lives.

David is bribed by a Top Secret science facilitator, to sell their design to a top science research facility, and a Virtual Reality centre is constructed at a public facility near by. David and his friends are made very rich, and their multi-billion pounds project that will eventually turn each of their lives into their tailored perfection.

‘David, and his friends enters the Virtual Theatre, that is inside a huge sphere. All the rooms, mirrors and screens in the building are controlled in conjunction with the coordinates plotted on their adventure game, and every room enters them into a different time portal within virtual reality. Time maps are plotted in coordination with events/distance, and infinite decision trees are featured to help them in their adventure quest.

They have to stay in there for 1 year, but within that year they have full controls, and vision over what will happen to them. Their ‘Avatars, are designed to project and plan processes such as the economy, and their financial ventures, through super-efficient measures and probability to predict the outcomes. Each have a robotic assistant who guards them in case of any hazards or viruses.

The team get out after a year, and they are well rewarded. However, Dr ‘Andrew’s wants to develop this project further by connecting the Virtual Theatre to Reality, so that each individual can choose their ultimate Reality. This time, they decide to sign to the project for 10 years.

David decides to work for the Government, and a perfect life is arranged for him including the regular parties/events that he attends, and he can repeat or adjust these moments as he wishes. But things get out of hand, when they notice they have become trapped in the game, and they are unable to separate illusions from reality.

David’ meets the girl of his dreams, inside the virtual centre, as she is a virtual ‘Freak’ who knows all the controls, and how to get them out alive. Eventually they find a way out of the game by letting go of all the pleasures it serves, to keep them attached.

However, In the end it turns out that ‘David, did not really make it out of the ‘Virtual, state that he was left in since the experiment that went wrong at the start of the film. He has been living in ‘Virtual Reality, the whole time, and the whole history of the world as they know it turns out to be completely fictional.

Atum – Damian Maguire (Work In Progress)

ATUM – Film Synopsis

10,000 BC

It is 10,000 BC (Late stone age), and many of the human race are still like animals. The Human, tribes (Banu Nebhan) lived in giant caves in the mountains of a country called ‘Oman (South East Asia), and the ‘Gold/Copper mines, were an important source for the ‘Giant Aliens (Known as ‘Gods, and ‘Angels), that occupied the world above them. The ‘Angels, were giants with man made wings, and both them and the ‘Gods, would have a 6th sense, of telepathy, and would adhere to the higher ‘6th Sense, of the ‘Galactic energy (The ‘Third Eye). The ‘Angels, could help transport large objects, and the ‘Aliens had power in the from of ‘Solar charged flying objects, made from Gold/Copper, and energised from the Sun.

These giants built the Pyramids to use for many things including: Preservation; Protection; Amplification and Solar powered ‘Wave field,’ devices. (Gold/Copper- powered solar devices that were used for many things including the creation of gravitational energy for their ‘Flying space shuttles)

The Pyramids, also were invented with a ‘Light phase feature, so that beams of light, would be phased through ‘Diamond/Crystal, and ‘Gold/Copper devices (Daimon’s), that would phase the beams, and amplify this into electromagnetic energy that can create and transmit images/audio from the 6th sense, into this dimension. These images were projected onto the walls, creating 3D images known as ‘Jinni’s.

The Angels would also do experiments such as creating Robots, with ‘Daimon’s, planted inside them, and these ‘Robots, would be charged by the light entering them, and their vanes made from solar charged Gold/Copper. However, these only spoke a language from the 6th dimension, that could be understood only by ‘Psychic – intellectuals.

The ‘Daimon, would work by receiving/phasing light through empty spinning/crystal shaped Diamonds, and transmitting fields of electromagnetic force, from the Gold/Coppers heat, and the light from surrounding Crystals. (energised by hot sun beams). This field of ‘Random, electromagnetic particles can be manipulated using a ‘High energy source such as the mind, the human body, the pyramids and the universe. These particles, are then transmitted through audio, movements and images, and the heat from the ‘Robots, vanes keeps the particles energised.

The ‘Space shuttles, were also controlled/powered in such a way, and the Pyramids, would act as ‘Gravitational, controllers for such devices.

Atum’ was a super-intellectual Human, (the first ‘Mayan) who discovered many things, including the ‘Egyptian, Star calendar, predicting future events leading until 2050, and beyond. ‘Atum, was an attribute to the ‘Gods & Angels, and became the first ‘King of the animals. He was also, one of the only people that could understand the language of ‘Telepathy.

‘Atum, invented the first ‘Amun, that was a ‘Solar powered, ‘Daimon, controlled device to contain the human body, and transmit it’s ‘Psychic energies. These chambers, could also project ‘Aura, energies from dead bodies, and Mummy’s would be contained in them for this purpose. The Angels, created an army of ‘Amuns, and this family that were descended from ’Atum, were worshiped and granted the ‘Keepers, of the next generation, and holders of the ‘Holy Grail (An object containing the protected DNA of their Alien race’s bloodline)

‘Atum, helps the Angels, to create a 4th dimensional, sequence of future events in relation to the Pyramids, the Zodiac, and the time/distance between them. These plans are synced with the ‘Zodiac’s activities, and contained within a map and electronic storage device (stored with instructions, and kept charged within the ‘Golden, nose of the ‘Sphinx). All maps, controllers, devices from then on would be then synced to , the same sequence based on movements of the stars, and 6th sense.

The ‘Gods and Angels, had problems continuing with their survival, and they would have to leave and return to their planet ‘Lucifer (Nibiru) Based between ‘Mars, and ‘Jupiter. Although, they knew that their race would not survive much longer and decided it’s only hope would be through ‘Daimons, and ‘Genetic Cloning from DNA.


Later, into the 13th Century, the ‘Knights Templar, have historical discoveries (such as Treasure and Maps) that to relate the inhabitants/cults of ‘Pre-historic Europe, and the ‘Aliens bloodline. The family of the ‘Extra-terrestrial race (Including ‘Egyptians’ – ‘Ra, ‘Cleopatra, ‘Isus, and ‘Caesarean) is traced through the Bloodline, of the ‘Roman Kings, that survived through ‘Christianity, and the ‘Vatican.

The ‘Knights, found secret clues, leading them to the ‘Sphinx, and they stole the map,treasure,technology, and the ‘Golden nose (An Ancient Cauldron –left there and worshipped as part of the ‘Pagan cult of ‘Druidism).The ‘Knight’s Templar, continued to follow their clues which led them to the ‘Post-Saxon, tribes of ‘Germany, where they met an ‘Old wise man’ (Descendant of ‘Aella II – King of Northumbria – Descendant of ‘Odin) who told them of the history of ‘Atlantis (The world in it’s pre-historic form – from earlier in the film) The ‘Knights, continued on their mission to unite with the ‘Vatican, and they were granted eternal power over the church, and for the future of mankind.

Much later into the future (1950’s), historians find the cave of ‘Tutankhamen (His name means ‘Image of Amun Ra) (An ancient God – Descendant of the ‘Alien clones), and his mother and father (Who are all Alien like). They also find a ‘Daimon, an ‘Amun’s helmet , a ‘Flying Saucer, and a ‘Grail, containing preserved blood samples, that can be used for the cloning of the ‘Alien Race.

These historians are invaded by the ‘Post-Nazi world order, and the findings are used as assets for the ‘Nazi’s new technology. They set up secret army bases in the ‘North/South poles, with ‘Super powered, gravitational ‘Flying objects, that can be sent around the world. (The earliest form of ‘Satellite). The ‘Nazi’s partner with the CIA, the Mafia, and then take over the US government, in order to become the ‘Secret New World Order.


It is now 2012, and ‘David (Historian/Scientist) through research discovers about the ‘Secret New World Order, and their descendants from the ‘Alien Race. Through studying the ‘Star Maps, he finds that all the events since ‘Jesus, have been predicted according to the ‘Mayan, calendar and the ‘Zodiac. He also knows that 2012, will be an important time (The end of a ‘Zodiac, age and a ‘Zodiac cycle – ending with ‘Aquarius).

The next age ‘Aquarius, will be the transcendence of humans into the ‘5th dimension, (A generation of intellect above our present state – allowing perceptions and ability of ‘Psychic sense and ‘Future predictions) This will be a step closer to the ‘6th Dimension, of communication with the ‘Galactic world (The 3rd Eye)

‘David, re-invents the ‘Daimon, using a ‘Diamond, from his Girlfriend’s (Maria’s) ring. As the 2012, Planetary alignment’ draws near, ‘David’s new invention forewarns him regarding future events including an environmental catastrophe about to hit New York, and a ‘Nuclear – 3rd World War. His aim is to convince the government, and create a major evacuation to the underground caves of ‘Oman. He does this by making them aware of his new invention, and demonstrating this in front of the ‘President, at the ‘Top Government’s research laboratory.

However, ‘The New World Order, are a step ahead, and have developed such technology further, to the point of already having a ‘Survival base, in a secret location, and access to the US Government’s military systems.
World war 3’ brakes out, as the ‘New World Order, try to take over the Government. However, the Government escape to ‘Oman, and ‘New York, is wiped out by a ‘Hurricane. ‘David,’ is appointed ‘Top Researcher, for their new ‘Military base, and the newest forms ‘High technology, are exported their, to help protect them from the ‘Nuclear World War.

As they explore this new area of habitat, major discoveries of ‘Ancient Civilisations, are found. These designs are used to help ‘David, and the Government, design this new secret base, and as the whole world is wiped out, they continue to survive as a future generation into the next new age of Technology.

Then, as the 2012 ‘Planetary Alignment (between Venus, Moon and Earth), approaches….Super-Radiation is beamed to Earth enabling communication between the Earth and other Solar Systems. The planet ‘Lucifer, returns, and suddenly, as all the ancient ‘Daimons, become activated, the world begins transcending into the ‘5th Dimension.

To be continued………………………….

Vortex 3 – Damian Maguire (Work In Progress)

VORTEX 3 – Film Synopsis

It is the year 2060, and the world is run by technology on a virtual plane. FRED (A.K.A Krypton) Is an undercover agent / top secret scientist from the X-Lab. With his android replica in virtual form and his wife CELESTIAL who also has an android replica.

Now the world is controlled by a relative converter, which FRED invented but is now owned by the top secret American government (ASA).

KRYPTON’s invention (which was originally discovered through decoded messages sent from the future) , is now the dominating force of society which will lead him and his girlfriend into an adventure of a lifetime. Whilst using their ultra-intelligence combined with their technological support, their mission is to win back control of the converter and to protect the human race.

ZYBORG (Fred’s arch rival and fake) Has taken over the world using FRED’S identity and has set obstacles and mind bending riddles for the couple to overcome. Beyond the confusion becomes in-depth sanity and joy for the generation who have been liberated from the converter.