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VORTEX (Long length sci-fi series) – Written and produced by DAMIAN MAGUIRE (MAGIC CLOUD). With animated footage created using multi-shot techniques and computer generated graphics. The first VORTEX was written in 2004 based on ‘Einstein’s’ theory of ‘Relative Simultaneous Events’ and ‘Psychic Phenomena.’ Further episodes develop in the concepts of other ‘Big Science/Mystical’ theories such as ‘Time travel’

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NRG FESTIVAL (14th Aug 2010)

NRG FESTIVAL (14th Aug 2010)

„NRGFEST is all about sustainable energy and the positive energies we all have. It is about harnessing our energy and natures resources and using them to power a concept and energise the people!‟
NRGFEST is providing a platform for unsigned musicians from Wales and across the UK, providing an outlet for the hidden talents in our society and providing a promotional opportunity to these individuals. At the same time, NRGFEST is about raising money for local and national charities, and for 2010 it is “Help 4 Heroes” and “Bromsgrove Hall”.
The planet we live on is fragile, its resources are limited and energy must be sustainable.
„Sustainable energy is the provision of energy such that it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs‟
From a desire to promote renewable energy, bring in funding for charity and promote unsigned artists, the NRGFEST was born.
Located in the Heart of Wales in the smallest town in the UK, NRGFEST 2010 will be bringing top unsigned artists from across the UK to perform from 3 stages over 2 days, from Rock to Acoustic, from Punk to Folk, the line up is sure to impress.
The festival is to be held over 32 acres with 3 stages, 3 bars, fun fair, camping area, food stalls, and various side tents and acts.
The festival is aimed at a FAMILY audience with lots of facilities for kids and youngsters including story telling tent, scout group activities, & fair ground games. There will be demonstrations by local fire brigade and support and advice from Drug and Alcohol drop in centre. Throughout the festival itself our family friendly philosophy will be reinforced.
Capacity is planned at 5000 including 500 festival workers and volunteers. The main stage area easily accommodating this amount of people with the 2 smaller stages accommodating approximately 400-500.
The NRGFEST holds paramount the safety and security of the people and the homes in closest proximity to the festival.
The committee have engaged an approved security advisor and security company to advise and police the area during the event. In total an excess of £12,000 will be spent securing the area and providing qualified personnel. Showtime Security also provide this service to other more well known events such as the Royal Welsh Showground, so have a proven track record of effectively managing the safety and security of large events
We will be maintaining a cleaning team during and after the festival to make sure we leave no trace, litter will be kept to a minimum during the festival and ALL little will be removed from the festival itself and surround areas including roads adjacent to the festival after the event. We are using local company „Events Recycling‟ to ensure that waste is managed in an environmentally friendly way
We have liased with police who have told us they will have a presence during the festival to react promptly should any trouble arise.
Where possible the NRG FEST 2010 is using local businesses and people to deliver the event – bringing money and work experience opportunities into the local economy.