‘An amazement when it comes to the Sci-Fi style but with a very
PUNK EDGE style.’

With lot’s of important news and messages regarding the GREEN – POLITICS
and views about our government and why it is run in a certain way.

STEVEN J HUMPHREY – extremely topped up with knowledge about our economic system and why it is so unfair regarding the poverty and environmental slaughter that happens all around us.

THE BOSCOMBE BEDSIT SCENE – speaks for itself, in a grotto bed sit slum in ‘Boscombe’ where two people are upset by their friends disappearance. Pounced on by the police and CID, these people who are seen to lead ordinary lives are yet to discover that their missing friend is in fact a time traveler, and that they are approaching the discovery of what is known as OUR MULTI-VERSE. (universe with more that one dimension)

STEVEN J HUMPHREY (FILM/E-BOOK AND SCRIPT WRITER/DIRECTOR) – Has an interesting style in this whereby he indicates every minor detail and creates an environment which is on edge in every minute. With a thriller/action style – this unique short in the introduction of a mind-bending film with Sci-Fi intellect and catching designs created by STEVE HUMPHREY himself.


(REVIEW 2009 By – MAGIC CLOUD Press)


Jack Maguire (Co-leader of BSO & Violinist in Stromenti String Quartet) has recently established the ‘CODA Music Fiddle Orchestra’ in aid of young/under-privileged children.


He was born in London and moved from Republic of Irland in Harlo New Town. He had free lessons from David Grey who now lives in ‘Bournemouth’. (He also worked with ‘Ron Snowed’ who he met through the ‘ Harlo Arts Association’ , who is also from ‘Bournemouth’).

Jack studied on his LRAM at the ‘Royal Academy of Music,’ where he met his wife, ‘Sylvia Maguire,’ (LRAM). There he had lessons with Sydny Griller (Who led the RAF orchestra in the war) and Trevor Williams.

It was around this time that he became associated with Cathy Stevens (Who plays the Electric Viola with 6 strings) from the ‘Essex Youth Orchestra,’ ‘Bournemouth’.

Jack now has 5 children including Damian Maguire (Hosted interview with Jack Maguire at the EEIB, Glasgow 2006), and his brothers and sisters all who are professional musicians (some born in Scotland).


Jack has worked with many of the greats including:

  • Pavarotti
  • Pachino Damingo
  • Joseph Crisps
  • Frederich Ashton
  • Dame Devalouar  (Ballet Jobe – Vaughn Williams / Backdrop by Henry Moore)
  • Kenneth Mcmillan
  • Marther Graham (Rodao – ‘Arron Copeland’)
  • Dame Sydny

Jack’s 1st broadcast was with the BBC (of the ‘Pi Piper’). Since then he has become associated with:

  • The Great Grandson of ‘Milly Chisick’ (Singer in Yiddish Theatre)
  • Wilfred Parry (Great grandson of  ‘Charles Hubert Parry’ from Jerusalem, who was born in Bournemouth).

He then went on to have a job in 1st violins at the Royal Opera House, working with the Conductor (Colin Davis).

After getting married, Jack lived in Scotland and worked with many music organizations including the following:

  • Scottish National Orchestra
  • Scottish Chamber Orchestra
  • Scottish Opera
  • BBC Scottish Symphony. Orchestra (With, ’Simon Rattle’ from the ‘Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra’)
  • Eddie Maguire – Composer in Scotland (Rant/Marter – Based on Scottish Rant)
  • Lanerd Burns Fiddle Competition

He did his 1st Recital at the Queens Hall, Edinburgh, and in 1979 he worked with the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra (for amateur violinists )

Eventually he moved to Bournemouth, and got promoted to the position of Code-Leader with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (BSO), and he used to sit next to, ‘Brenden O Brian.’ (who was the lead violinist in the BSO). Through his concerts with the BSO has met the Queen, Prince Charles and others who are regular visitors with the BSO.

The BSO do popular classics (Light & Romantic). They performed concerts with Ron Goodwin (Died 2 years ago) including, ‘Escape to happiness.’

They have also performed with, ‘John Lord’ (The film scorer who transcribed for Deep Purple)


Jack is now running the ‘CODA fiddle orchestra’ in Bournemouth of which he founded and is funded by the ESF. This is for teaching young/under-privileged children the violin in schools and at workshops/concerts at St Clement’s church, where he runs regular concerts to raise money for the St Clement’s Church fund.

He also founded the, ’Stromenti Salon Trio’ (With,’Joseph Cuse’ – Hungarian Cello and ‘Barbera Calard’-Pianist in the BSO) The music of which includes that of:

  • Rogerson Hamenstein (Sound Of Music)
  • Sigmon Romberd
  • Alfered Catoby
  • Oscar Strauss




BLACKSNOW (Instrumental Dance band featuring SPACE ACE ROBOT –vocals)


ABENG – African drumming for children (Workshops and performance)

URBAN CUTS (Barber shop)

VITANOVA (Drama group)


PLACE – BOURNESPRING CENTRE – St Marys Rd, Springbourne

DATE – Saturday 31/10/09


  • Lights/Sound – MAGIC CLOUD (With DAVE MEYERS on animated projections and NAITHEN ANTHONY on sound)
  • Children’s games and bouncy castle
  • Traditional African COOKING
  • Educational Dub Workshops (In the studio)



Event managed by NIASHA (From BOURNESPRING Centre) In conjunction with DORSET AFRO CARIBBEAN ASSOCIATION and MAFARO PROMOTIONS. An all day educational event in conjunction with local AFRICAN and CARIBBEAN societies. The food was fantastic – traditional African recipes. The DJ on after the bands was played some very interesting African dance tunes. Not often heard in this part of the country.  There were children dancing on stage, and some of the best live Dub grooves performed by THE DUB EDUCATORS, who were pumping with energy with a funky beat tempo. Closely relative to that of local dub bands such as DUBHEART but with a more electrical fuse.  Also performing were BLACKSNOW (Instrumental dance band  – featuring SPACE ACE ROBOT on vocals with animated projections in the background. There were a lot of Africans – A great audience!.